Affirmation of Freedom to Marry Timeframe

One concern of the foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand would be how long they need to stay in Thailand, so they could plan their itinerary, book a hotel or choose a wedding date. The affirmation is a form that basically confirms that you are legally free to marry. In most cases this Affirmation of Freedom to Marry cannot be obtained in your home country; you will need to apply to your country’s embassy in Bangkok. The affirmation has to be signed in the presence of a consular official from your embassy. The duration of their required stay in Thailand is not about how long the marriage could be processed, but actually how long a particular embassy could issue Affirmation of Freedom to Marry. There is a time involved in getting Affirmation from the appropriate embassy. If there are complications such as incomplete paperwork or different requirements for certain nation’s embassies, the process could take slightly longer than usual.

Most embassies issue it on the same day such as US, UK, AU, Canada, and Russia.

Irish Consulate requires its citizen to notify the Consulate ahead through email at least a month before they come to Thailand to set up the appointment date at the embassy and secure Affirmation of Freedom to Marry.

Italian embassy requires the citizen to send them a prior email attaching a copy of BANN at least 2 weeks before. The embassy will give them a schedule. They will issue the citizen Affirmation of Freedom in Thai language and Italian language on the same day so there is no need to go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Italian citizen can go to district office right away.

The French Embassy needs 2 weeks.

In obtaining Affirmation of Freedom to Marry at Swedish Embassy, it usually takes weeks to verify the citizen’s civil status.

Philippine Embassy needs 10 days before issuing Affirmation of Freedom to Marry to its citizens.

The Vietnamese Embassy needs 3 days.

Documents from the foreigner’s home country if in foreign language must be translated at least to English before it will be accepted by their respective Embassies in Thailand.

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