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Timeframe for the Issuance of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry

One concern of the foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand would be how long they need to stay in Thailand, so they could plan their itinerary, book a hotel or choose a wedding date. The affirmation is a form that basically confirms that you are legally free to marry. In most cases this Affirmation […]

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Getting Married in Thailand for Canadian Citizens

Canadians are amongst the tourists in Thailand who are considered to have helped stir the economy in the country. This is due to the increasing number of Canadian citizens who travel here over the past years, which in many cases are Canadian men who visit the country and return to Canada with a Thai wife.

For […]

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Process for UK Citizens Marrying in Thailand

One must understand that the Thai wedding ceremony on its own is not recognized as being valid under Thai law and, as well as, outside the kingdom. The marriage must be registered to an Amphur.

For a UK citizen who is planning to marry his Thai fiancee in Thailand, there are number of procedures and important reminders to go through to become legally married.

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