Consider Maehongsorn as a Thai wedding destination. Some say that no Thai wedding is as unique as a Thai wedding held in Maehongsorn. Maehongsorn is nestled in a valley surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges. Mae Hong Son has never been a traditional tourist destination and has kept its un-spoilt beauty having been so isolated from the outside world.

Having your Thai wedding ceremony in Maehongsorn could be one of your best choices. Maehongsorn which is covered by low level mist almost throughout the year has many attractions. The name Maehongsorn when translated refers to its terrain which is suitable for the training of elephants.

Having your Thai wedding in Maehongsorn, which even today is considered by many as a “Thai wedding dream destination” by its visitors is an excellent idea.

True to its name Maehongsorn has elephant trekking and excellent weather. Getting married in Maehongsorn for a foreigner is also easier as your guests can fly in with the daily flights into its small airport which shows growing numbers of tourists.

MaehongsornYour guests invited to your Thai wedding in Maehongsorn will be amazed at what Maehongsorn has to offer. With spectacular mountain views which could act as a backdrop to your Thai wedding ceremony and a large hill-tribe community you cannot go wrong. The best known ethnic community being the Thai Yai’s are also based in Maehongsorn amongst other ethnic tribes. The large ethnic community could also provide you with many photo opportunities for your Thai wedding ceremony. Ethic communities add to an already ethnic theme for your Thai wedding.

With the unique Thai Yai culture and architectural backdrop, any Thai wedding photos will remain memorable and unique. Due to the cultural influences on architecture many of the traditional houses are built high floors and low roofs. The size of the house of course would differ to show the different social status just as it the West. What a wonderful idea it would be to have your Thai wedding ceremony in Maehongsorn in one of these houses. How culturally unique would you wish to have your Thai wedding? Would you not like to be the envy of everyone you know and meet when showing pictures of your Thai wedding in one of these communities? What better way to say “I do” amidst misty mountain ranges in the welcoming company of a hill tribe whose culture defines the charm and exoticism of Northern Thailand today. Maehongsorn is one of the most ideal places for your dream wedding location. Any Thai wedding in Maehongsorn would have the makings of a memorable Thai wedding. Speak to your Thai fiancee or partner about your Thai wedding options.

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