Secular weddings are on the rise. Not into a traditional Thai wedding or for that matter a traditional religious wedding? Well you are not alone. Many marriages in our modern day and age are secular wedding based and do not prescribe to any of the usual traditional customs. Be inspired by your own creativity and tell us what you have in mind.

We offer you freedom to make your secular wedding choices and provide you with full support in planning all the finer details of your secular wedding in Thailand. There is no better place to have a secular wedding than in a tropical paradise. You are spoilt with choices as to the location. Have your wedding in the bustling and colorful city of Bangkok, on the pristine beaches of Hua Hin, the tropical islands off Phuket or in the center of the party town, Pattaya.

All these locations are adorned with 5 star hotels and international standards of service. No matter what your budget, be it a small low cost private secular wedding or a large extravagant secular wedding, we can help you make your dream ceremony come true as we know the market better than anyone else.


The couple enters a very colorful aisle and proceeds to walk through a beautiful flower arch. Both very elegantly dressed with the bride with her flower bouquet in hand. All the wedding guests are seated on either side of the decorated aisle all viewing the arrival of the couple and their walk to the altar.

Once at the colorfully decorated altar there will be a brief ceremony where the celebrant would first offer words of welcome to both the couple and attending guests. Once the celebrant asks the guests if there is anyone present who objects to this marriage he would then briefly share a prose of inspiration to the nuptials.

The couple would then proceed to light a colorful candle each and a large candle standing in the center of the decorated altar. This would symbolize their undying and everlasting love for each other before witnesses. They then pledge themselves to one another with their exchange of vows followed by the presentation of wedding rings. The couple turns around and leaves the altar while being showered with flowers or petals from both their friends and their family

After the making of the wedding vows a toast is raised to the newlyweds. This toast is usually given with champagne and a cake cutting ceremony. Wedding photos would follow this with much excitement and congratulations to both the couple. The celebrant would then ask the newlyweds to proceed with the signing their Marriage Certificate before signing it; he thereby closes the legal formalities. This ceremony would then be completed with the planting of a “Love Tree” ceremony. This tree would signify the couples growing and strengthening love towards each over the years. One completed everyone would then leave for the reception to proceed with the celebration of this wonderful event in their lives.

This is merely an example of a secular wedding for you to peruse. Only you know what type of secular wedding you wish to have. Contact us and tell us what you have as an idea for YOUR secular wedding. Together we will make this secular wedding of yours a very memorable event. With the increase of secular weddings even in Thailand we are at the forefront of arranging nontraditional secular weddings in Thailand. Talk to us today!


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