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Al Theodore Canazares contributes articles to websites like, and on his own personal blog site, He started writing at a young age when his grand aunt honed him to "write his reactions" on events that transpired during those times. Having his own book is one of his goals but for the meantime, he says, writing informative and sometimes thought provoking articles are his ways of freeing himself of stress.

Considering the Thai Marriage and Wedding Customary Traditions

Contrary to imagination, the road to a successful marriage is not easy to take. It has its own set of twists and turns that everyone involved in the wedding preparations and the marriage itself are required to take thereby making them already highly stressed-up before the date itself.

That is because the soon-to-be husband and wife, […]

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Is Having a Prenup Really That Practical?

Opening the idea of executing a prenuptial agreement with your soon-to-be spouse in Thailand can be a daunting task if not a risky one as her reaction could be anywhere in between the affirmative and the highly hostile.

This is because not everyone sees, including your bride, a prenuptial agreement as a sense of security but […]

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8 Things About Dowry That You Need to Know

8 basic things about Thai dowry (Sin Sod) that a westerner like you should know, its important role on someone’s marriage and how it is culturally-linked as well as how it can really be practical in nature.

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