Contrary to imagination, the road to a successful marriage is not easy to take. It has its own set of twists and turns that everyone involved in the wedding preparations and the marriage itself are required to take thereby making them already highly stressed-up before the date itself.

That is because the soon-to-be husband and wife, either individually or as a couple, must: secure the necessary documents, have these documents translated and make sure that these documents as well as the couple themselves do comply with the prerequisites set by the Thai law in order for their marriage to be legally sanctioned and be locally as well as internationally recognized.

But aside from the documents, hotel bookings and budgetary limitations, stress can also stem from the conflict of customs and traditions that what the couple is used to especially if they came from different ethnical backgrounds like a man of foreign descent marrying a Thai woman.

Even at these modern times, these Thai marriage and wedding customs and traditions should not be overlooked or set aside easily. They also deserve a closer consideration from the couple especially the foreign individual because many weddings in Thailand have two sides: the legal side and the customary side.

The customary side is not really a requirement in order for a marriage in Thailand to be legally accepted and recognized but considering it may help the foreign husband-to-be particularly endearing to his bride. Remember, the notion of marrying someone is not only about marrying the person but also her family is quite common in Eastern Asian countries.

Thai Dowry

Giving out dowry is not really unheard of in the western world but in Thailand, it is still being practiced albeit not that common anymore especially to younger couples. But if the groom does it, his gesture will be appreciated because it shows that even if he is of foreign descent, he is still aware of the traditions of his Thai wife.

In Thailand, a dowry is termed as a Sin Sot but this is not exclusive to monetary terms only but also in the form of gifts or properties.

However, handing out a dowry has no legal precedent but the observation of which can only hasten the approval of the lady’s family.

The Thai Ancestors

Thais in general revere their elders and ancestors so much. Therefore, if the couple honors the ancestors through a simple rite, it is believed that their wedding and their marriage will be blessed.

Buddhist Blessing

Weddings in Thailand, especially in Thailand where western influence already gained some ground, are not really religious in nature but involving the Buddhist traditions of gift giving (food and or monetary donations) and the like is often believed to bring the couple a lasting and blessed married life.

Settling with the Wedding Date

While certain dates possess particular significance for the marrying couple, for the Thai bride, something more deep rooted may influence a date’s importance. This can be the belief on the type of significance a number provides or it is more something to do with certain astrological connections.

In Closing

While these are highly symbolic in nature, the foreigner-spouse must not take these traditions lightly as little or no attention paid to these customary traditions may be taken by the family of his Thai bride as a form of disrespect or insensitiveness.

So if the westerner seeks a lawyer for advice and service on securing certain documents, drafting a prenuptial agreement and registering the marriage with the Amphur, seeking the wisdom of the elders to follow the Thai customary practices can lessen such amount of stress the couple will have to undergo through the marriage process.

Also, it must be remembered that western wedding and marriage practices are often different with that of the Thais traditions.


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