Marriage Registration in Thailand

When a foreigner decides to marry in Thailand, the marriage registration process starts with a visit to your embassy. Generally Marriage registration in Thailand can take two forms. It could be a foreigner getting married to a Thai or a foreigner getting married to another foreigner. Thai marriage registration is not overly complicated however the paperwork needed might feel too much for some. When the marriage is registered in Thailand, many if not all the documents have to be translated into Thai.

Thai Marriage RegistrationMarriage registration in Thailand starts with affirmations from your embassy in Thailand confirming not only your citizenship but that you are single. This will allow you to get married in Thailand.

This affirmation is an overnight process. Obtain the format from your embassy and complete it at home. Then take the affirmation back to the embassy and have them authenticate the affirmation.

Marriage registration in Thailand can become a drawn out affair. If you were previously married, you will need to produce your original divorce decree or the death certificate of your late spouse. These documents have to be translated into Thai and taken to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs to be verified.

Once the documents have been verified by Thai Foreign Affairs, the final step of your marriage registration takes place. The verified documents have to be taken to the local district office called the “Amphur” or “Khet” to register your marriage. Marriage registration ends with the issuing of a Thai marriage certificate.

The statutory statement which would be required by the Thai authorities will set you back about 1,600 Thai Baht each for the US embassy and 3,100 Baht for the British embassy. The embassy procedures would vary but they will charge a fee for notarizing the affirmation. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs also has a nominal fee for verifying the documents which will enable you to register you marriage in Thailand. Fees to have the documents officially translated into Thai also vary.

In summary, a foreigner wishing to register their marriage in Thailand needs to provide the following documents at the local district government.

You will need the following documents:

  • Affidavit or Affirmation of Freedom to Marry
  • Copy of your passport
  • Original Divorce or Death Certificate of their previous spouse

Your Thai fiancee would need the following documents:

  • National ID Card or a Valid ID card
  • House Registration Certificate
  • Original Divorce or Death Certificate of their former spouse
  • Name Change Certificates

Marriage registration procedures by nationality:


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