Thai Marriage Visa Application

Thai Marriage Visa

Marriage Visas are needed after you have married your Thai fiancee. If you decide that you will be living in Thailand with your Thai wife, you can apply for a Thai Marriage Visa which is called a Non-Immigrant “O” Marriage Visa.

The Thai marriage visa is renewable every year and can be renewed in Thailand. An additional benefit of the visa is that the foreign national can obtain a work permit if they are able to locate a business to sponsor them in Thailand.

Requirements for a Thai Marriage Visa

  1. Evidence of Marriage to a Thai national
  2. THB 400,000 in a Thai Bank for 2 months or a monthly income of THB 40,000. A combination of a Thai bank account and yearly income of THB 400,000 is also allowed.
  3. No criminal record in Thailand or in the country of their nationality or country of current residence.
  4. Must not have an prohibitive diseases or addictions as outlined by the Thai regulations

The process begins with an application for an “O” visa from their home country or country of residence. After approval, the applicant will receive a 90 day visa to enter Thailand. Once in Thailand, the foreign national can apply for the yearlong extension of Non Immigrant “O” visa in the final 30 days of their 90 day visa.

It is advised that those who are interested in obtaining a Thai retirement visa to speak to a Thai Visa Specialist.


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