Consider Chiang Mai as your Thai wedding destination. My friend’s Thai wedding took place in the hilltops of Chiang Mai one year ago. Chiang Mai is considered by many as the gateway to Northern Thailand. With its verdant forests and breath taking mountain views, Chiang Mai has become a popular destination in Thailand for both foreigners and locals when deciding where to hold their Thai wedding ceremonies. Chiang Mai with its very colorful hill tribe population and unique traditions which originated from Tibet makes it an idyllic setting for any Thai wedding ceremony. The city of Chiang Mai offers more than meets the untrained eye. The city offers world renowned temples and traditions which makes the setting for an exciting mountain top wedding ceremony.

Think of what a wedding location in Chiang Mai can offer your guests. Any guests at a Thai wedding in Chiang Mai will without a doubt enjoy this majestic city and what it has to offer them.

Consider the many major attractions and exciting adventures that Chiang Mai has to offer your guests. Chiang Mai with its international airport and with a population who have perfected the art of welcoming visitors from afar, are world renowned. In recent years Chiang Mai has emerged as one of the most popular and budget friendly cities in Asia and also a Thai wedding destination for many.

In Chiang Mai your Thai wedding ceremony is only limited by your imagination. What about a Thai wedding on the banks of a river or in a hillside resort? How about sipping cocktails while you and your Thai fiancée watch a spectacular sunset? The world is your oyster when holding your Thai wedding in Chiang Mai. Ride the elephants together into the sunset with your Thai fiancee. Have your Thai wedding ceremony in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai with all it has to offer from the unique elephant bathing in the rivers, the night markets temples and modern restaurants makes it an excellent choice for any Thai wedding.

Delve into the history of Chiang Mai or take a romantic walk down the many quiet winding lanes of the old town, the rustic old wooden guest houses and lively riverside restaurants. All of this contribute to make Chiangmai one unforgettable wedding destination for any Christian, Muslim or traditional Thai wedding.

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