Thai Wedding PlannersA wedding planner is the groom and bride’s second hand in making their dream wedding come true. As such, the wedding planner should be reliable, responsible, resourceful and knowledgeable regarding wedding preparations and arrangements. The wedding planner is expected to handle the accompanying stress of wedding preparations in behalf of the wedding couple.

The Wedding Planner’s mission is to help you get through with your wedding gracefully despite the huge stress that has been accumulating as you’ve excitedly and nervously waited for your special day. There’s nothing more pleasant to wedding guests than a sight of a well-rested and relaxed bride and groom saying “I do” energetically. Most importantly, there’s nothing more merrier way of celebrating the event for you and your groom than when you are brimming with health and energy.

You should communicate to your wedding planner and delegate the planning with her about the kind of your wedding you like i.e. details, location, wedding types, reception, etc. As wedding planners ourselves, we only wish you to enjoy every minute of this momentous event in your life. You have our full support and guidance to make your dream wedding become a reality.

In a nutshell, with our help as your wedding planner, you will sail through all the preparations for the wedding in Thailand smoothly. We will guide you every step of the way to make sure every details of your dream wedding is done with perfection. Your wedding should be a day of celebration, laughter and smiles, happiness and reassurance and we would like to ensure it as such.

Why Choose Us As Your Wedding Planner

For a reasonable fee we can render any or all of the services listed here below.

  1. REALISTIC BUDGETING: We help you come up with a realistic budget especially tailored to the kind of wedding you wish to have. Having a clear idea of the money that you are going to spend, you don’t worry much about possible expenses which you might have missed have you done your own budgeting. With the budget that we offer you, you also have the time to canvass for other competitive budget offers. This ensures you a good deal worth the money you are willing to spend.
  2. WEDDING VENUES SELECTION: We try our best to help you pick-up your dream wedding location by offering you range of possible venues. Speaking of which Thailand has a lot of exotic & romantic places for wedding venues. See related info on Wedding locations in Thailand. You will see your dream gradually transformed into reality before your very eyes.
  3. WEDDING TYPES SELECTION: As Thailand affords you various wedding ceremonies to choose from i.e. Thai Traditional Wedding, Chinese Wedding, Christian Wedding, Muslim Wedding & even Secular Wedding, you really need help in making up your mind over which kind of wedding are you going to have. We can explain to you the requirements and concomitants of each wedding types thus helping you come up with the perfect choice.
  4. MARRIAGE REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE: We can also assist you in having your marriage in Thailand registered at the Local District. This process comprises the legal aspect of your marriage in Thailand. This is necessary if you want to marry your bride or groom legally. The good news is marriage in Thailand is legally binding in your respective home countries as long as it is properly registered here so it’s not a waste of time at all. Translation services, legalizations and personal accompaniment of you and your fiancee for the marriage registration are among the services we offer. See Marriage Registration in Thailand for general information.
  5. EFFICIENT & RELIABLE SERVICE: We live with the reputation of being reliable, energetic and businesslike wedding planners in carrying out our tasks. We rush around on your behalf if only to ensure that everything is done on time. We attend to details and meet deadlines in matters that pertain to planning your wedding, while you get on with your life and attend to the personal ‘musts’ on this occasion.

We are here to design your wedding according to your taste and requirements. All you have to do is just say ‘I do’ relaxingly. It’s our task to ensure that you have an unforgettable celebration that you and your dear ones can enjoy with the minimum degree of stress possible.

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